Ben Yau

Ben Yau
Central to my research-based practice is a constant interrogation of the aesthetics of global conflict, historical narratives, and social tensions by the use of found material. Declassified CIA documents, British Ministry of Defence research papers, newspaper clippings, stock images, and YouTube videos are some examples of the materials used. These artefacts are appropriated and re-contextualised to evoke questions surrounding systemic frictions within notions of power. The recent idea of investigative aesthetics – or the use of aesthetics in the articulation or research of issues – is relevant to my work in making links between the historical and the contemporary, the remote and the local, and economic structures and ways of governing.
Ben Yau (b.1992) is a Chinese-Scots research based artist based in London. Yau graduates from University of Arts London in 2019 and has been selected for Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2019 and Creekside Open Selected by Sacha Craddock at APT Gallery in 2019. He has exhibited in duo and group shows in Copeland Gallery and CGP and in 2017 co-founded the art collective tackling environmental capitalism, Decade Zero, with fellow artist Zaneta Zukalova.

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