Elizabeth Eade

Elizabeth Eade
Eade’s Die Liste comes home: HIX Award winning artwork about migrant deaths on show in Brighton at SEA’s Spectre of the Real exhibition of social art on 13th April 2019.
Award winning Brighton social artist Elizabeth Eade will give a talk, and show her prize winning work about migrant deaths, Die Liste, at the opening of The Spectre of the Real Exhibition, at Brighton’s BMECP Centre, 4pm, 13 April 2019.
Elizabeth Eade’s artwork Die Liste is a 10m-long, hand written list documenting the names and circumstances of death of 33,305 migrants who died attempting to enter Europe. 
This will be the first opportunity to view the artwork in Brighton since it won the £10,000 HIX Art Award in 2018.
“The scale of the tragedy is so vast, and my work was to highlight the impossible task of comprehending its scale. This is contrasted with the individual stories. Each line is a story of hope and adventure and ultimately tragedy, of very human endeavour, of brothers and sister and mothers and children.
The list is compiled by an organisation called United who collated it from over 500 organisations around the globe.
“The story as a whole is an epic, and tells of international health, politics, crime and economics, of murder and misadventure, of starvation and corruption and greed.”

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