Emilia Holt

Emilia Holt
Much of the imagery in this painting is based on graphic scenery derived from posters promoting the London Underground in the early to mid-20th century illustrating the allure of the countryside. Idyllic pastoral vistas are rich and welcoming, the countryside is clean and bountiful. Whether or not this idealised view ever existed at all, it still persists in the public imagination, despite immense social change. Here, the cyphers of this vision are arranged in such a way that they take on a more stage-like arrangement, mostly non-congruent, multi-layered and shallow. The angler fish-like creature floating in the lake/hole is the thing that lurks; it doesn’t settle in to the imagery and despite it being centred in the painting – it goes more often than not unnoticed. Scratching away at my painting is a way for me to disrupts the illusory language of the surface, a literal removal of the positive elements of the painting (it’s physical materiality) and in so doing emphasising a kind of negative and much colder barren place, pre-language and, in this instance, brrrr…. cold.

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