Grant Lambie

Grant Lambie
My work about migrational routes of car bomb technology was started last and finished this year, and it feels very timely that the India Pakistan tensions were re-lit by a car bomb in Kashmir that killed 44 paramilitary police in February this year. The car bomb has been used as a way to resist the dominant power that uses systemic violence against the people (this violence can come as false flag car bombs as well), to control and try to render the people powerless. The first car bomb was in 1920 on Wall Street outside JP Morgan and company’s building, killing 38 people, by an Italian immigrant anarchist. Of course the newspapers said how terrible this was, not noting the terrorist acts committed by the banks. A large part of the information/data used comes from Mike Davis’s book “Buda’s Wagon, A brief history of the car bomb” 2007. From reading this I wished to see how the dissemination of knowledge about car bombing moved around the world. The work is in the form of a tapestry to give juxtaposition between the masculine use of car bombs (very few women), and the power of the predominantly male elite. Over the past three years my practice has looked a mapping from different viewpoints. These have included, colonisation of the fallen Brith Empire, using maps and quilt patterns, using Braille to make world maps, 3D work and collage.
Born by the sea. Primary school, great. Secondary school painful, severe dyslexia, still de-schooling. Helping with play schemes, children with learning difficulties, highlight of the year. Year out, worked in special needs school, enjoyed. Studied nursing, intellectual disabilities, in Brum, 3 years. Deinstitutionalisation. Staff nurse, charge nurse, community nurse, Hull. Helped with research, bored. Art foundation, thrived. Studied fine art, Goldsmiths, great, met Gill. Had shows, professional artist, signed-on, broke. Playworker, senior playworker, building adventure playgrounds, fun, lost. Year at RCA Interaction Design, learnt more. Demand for my playscapes, milk float, 10 years passed, wrong, children should build their own playscapes. Teaching, workshops, writing, talking, right direction. Slavoj Zizek and Colin Ward, anarchy, helped. Past 3 years, making art again, not bored, becoming focused. Maps, mapping, power, equality, violence, ‘Coffee without caffeine’, mapping the hidden and unseen.

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