Liam Collins

Liam Collins
Facebook: Lee Collins
Instagram: Liamardo007
My work aims to encourage critical thinking through the study of progressive knowledge. By researching the thought processes that people go through, i look for playful provocative puzzles designed to draw upon the complexities of science, quantum physics and control methods like money, religion and how i can reference the effect it has on people in society.. i predominately use discarded materials as it helps towards a cleaner environment but also oil paint, mechanical devices, and subliminal imagery. It is here i also find myself exploring complex layers of the higher self, where secret meanings are hidden within the fabric of unchartered quantum power and connections within the subconscious mind. The subjects often speak to me and I just let them in. Commercialism and subtle manipulation often feature in my work too. I tend to create a collection of work relating to a certain theme. I would like to create a piece that revolves (literally) around societies methods of commercial manipulation via subliminal messaging. To the lengths of which capitalists are prepared to go by employing secretive ways of manipulation subliminally, I hope to convey with a smiling clock face.. entitled “Ten to Two” a way of being able to write the wording “Please buy me” in the grinning mouth. (Very tounge in cheek) All watch shops and clock shops in every city and town worldwide use this hidden manipulation.. a method mirroring the ghostly and underhand ways capitalists take advantage of innocent people. The image I will attach is a prototype that conveys the concept.
I’m a UK Artist who has dedicated my career to a life-long process working with and exhibiting Art and Site-specific Sculpture, made from precious metals and found materials. My creativity is drawn from my unusual life experience. My work has featured all over Europe and North East USA where i made ice totem sculptures. I then eventually branched out into the media world where i created an environmental Television show for Discovery channel. However, i always return to my concept painting and installation art. 

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