Nisha Chadha

Nisha Chadha
Type Nisha Chadha textiles
I’m a London based Textile artist specialising in issue based art. In textiles, I have found the perfect medium though with to convey my feelings and personal history. I feel very passionately about this project as I am a female, south asian, refugee, artist, teacher, pacifist, environmentalist Hindu. But I am not a victim. Art has always helped me express myself. As a child when I moved to the UK in the early 1970’s I could not speak English. My natural language of communication and expression was art. It still is. I feel that this project gives a voice to the voiceless in much the same way that my art has given me a voice. This work is about capturing the beauty and despair of everyday life in miniature snapshots. Viewed from a distance you are enticed with colours and beauty, much like life itself. As you are drawn into the piece you begin to unravel the inner anguish that we are all faced with. The piece consists of a web like tapestry entangling five distinct elements. The iconic white stars represent the many states of America, as they do in the Stars spangled banner. This sets the piece up to be a banner of Resistance. The red words are grotesque nouns which have entered the daily lexicon by being granted legitimacy through presidential usage. The yellow diamond “warning signs” are representative of the signs that are being blindly passed as the current administration leads the country down a dangerous road. The miniature artworks represent the best of America with evocative themes such as “apple pie”, baseball, Uncle Sam, Native American culture and commerce. Things that are clearly worth fighting for. The final element captures the essence of the “Self”. The resistance within. It is represented by mirrors which force the viewer to look at themselves and understand their own power. Challenging them not to become passive observers in the the change that is taking place around them. All of my life I have been creating art based on issues that evoke passion within me. This project has helped me pull all of that experience and emotion into one definitive piece.
I have exhibited at the Barbican and Museum of Modern Art in Kyoto in a show called ‘Revelation ‘ Textile Artists addressing issues. The work I’m prepositioning for your exhibition is a pieces I made for an exhibition called ‘ Threads of Resistance’ based in the U.S.A. I’m working on a piece of Textile Art based on my life as a British Asian living in London in the 1970s.

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