Rob Birch

Rob Birch
Twitter @robbirch
Statement: The Post Referendum Portraits. We now live in a Post Truth world, and for many these times seem fearful and full of uncertainty.   In the age of post globalisation and neoliberal ideologies there seems to be little respite from the social and political assault from those who we would normally look to and seek guidance and leadership from.  Our continuing Brexit (mis)adventure (and, in the USA the presidency of Donald Trump) has highlighted the breakdown in our ability to construct the requisite social narratives required to form and be part of any cogent, functional, and vibrant society/community.  This goes right across to board from an individual experience of self to a collective, social one.  Our leaders now use democracy as an exercise in nostalgia with the political imagination paralysed and its future cancelled indefinitely.  The identity project is in need of constant updating, yet the effort required to make these changes precludes any change from actually taking place.  A crisis in identity ensues. The Post Referendum Portraits seek to articulate the nature of that crisis.  They create a layered, multifaceted experience of subjectivity in a world where what lies beneath the veneer of reality is the true nature of identity in a post truth world.
Statement: My work has been described as visual scepticism.  I use the visual as a means of challenging received notions of truth and reality, and within the portrait genre notion of self, identity and beauty.  It is predicated upon a knowledge that truth is reliant upon context, experience and fearlessness.  It also expresses the understanding that “Art” is not made but found.

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