Russell Honeyman

Russell Honeyman
My practice is social art.  I use visual arts (figurative painting, text-objects, installation and performance) to engage audiences in non-verbal dialogue, which, I hope, will help generate empathy. My recent work is was a response to the terror war as I receive it in the news. Bombed cities, victims, talking heads, constant warnings of unspecified terror. Statistics. Industrial killing machines. Civilian deaths. Armageddon. The end of the postmodern dream of global peace and prosperity.  My practice is immersion in culture, news and theory; responding with various art practices. I live in a safe European home, and I have no partisan interest in the local reasons for conflict. But as a tax paying (weapons funding) member of a democratic nation that enables bombing distant lands, I’m disillusioned with the rationalism that led to this tragedy. I’m terrified by the disconnect which enables us to lead ‘normal’ lives while our bombs kill others. I use art to evaluate, and to engage in this dialogue. Art is non-verbal philosophy, a way of looking at the world that avoids word-logic, and instead uses feeling and empathy. My work seeks truth through meditative and material aspects of art practice. I undertook an MA in Fine Art at Brighton, because here, I could learn about cultural theory, while developing my art practice. I am developing a language that bridges conceptuality and materiality. May we achieve happiness on earth and beyond.
I was born in a conflict zone in Africa, and am now based in Brighton, where I’m a father and also work in social care. I completed an MA Fine Art at Brighton University in August 2018.

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