Shonagh Short

Shonagh Short
My practice explores the language of dirt as used to ‘other’ people and places, particularly working class communities, by exposing a mainstream discourse which links poverty to immorality. My work includes performative and dialogical interventions as well as art objects that make use of a familiar visual language and found text. The appropriated ‘cleaning in progress’ signs shown here dare the audience not to notice their subversive messages.
I am a socially engaged artist and producer and a recent graduate from the MA in Fine Art programme at the University of Central Lancashire. My work has been exhibited/performed across the North of England. I am currently artist-in-residence at SET studios in South London for Kahoon projects, a contemporary art series exploring social class and inequality in partnership with Oxford Brooks University. The ‘cleaning in progress’ series has been exhibited at PR1 Gallery, Preston and Wharf Chambers, Leeds, along with guerilla appearances at institutional buildings – Town Halls, job centres, council offices etc – across Greater Manchester.

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