Silvana de Castro

S de Castro
The Daily Drip is a painting on Oil on canvas, measuring m by 1.5m. It depicts a scene of an avid newspaper reader who seems so absorbed on the reading that fails to notice water falling from the walls and flooding the room where he remains seated and oblivious to the troubled surrounding. This painting aims at drawing attention to the use of the media, here represented by the newspaper, as a way to manipulate opinions, create false reality and confuse in order to dominate and divert the Reality to a false reality by creating false narratives and use of fear. The painting also depicts a symbol of justice, as a wallpaper, stained by mold and trickling dirty water refering to the use of lawfare that has corrupted justice in order to dominate in this case as neo colonialism as it happens in South America at this moment. With this painting I wanted to draw attention to the dangers of the use of media and the corruption of justice.

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