Tom Pettis

Tom Pettis
Generally, my current work is quite conceptually saturated, looking into the endless theme of ‘time’, and the human condition of requiring to find meaning within it. With my practice, I reflect on the guiding issues of the present day, both politically and philosophically, as well as finding comforting related views, within forgotten pasts and narrative futures. Such heavy concepts often become the starting point to open up new conversations within my work, including elements such as existentialism, melancholy, and satire. For this open call I am entering a piece entitled “Alien Zoo”; egg tempera and oil on board, measuring at 13 x 18 cm. With this work I wanted to take a step back and look at the state of the modern world and humanity’s current predicament as a whole, taking into account political, social, and environmental positions. With such political turmoil clawing its way into every aspect of life, the modern world seems to be nothing more than a endless and growing list of problems, all of which we have caused ourselves. The constant clash and failure of political ideologies leaves the everyday person fearing for what the future holds. With this painting I have tried to show the pressure humanity is under, while satirically asking where we are heading if things do not change.
BA Fine Art Graduate 2015-2018 Various solo and group exhibitions since 2015 to present.

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