Victor Buehring

Victor Buehring
In the spectre of art, everybody can have their own notion about what real art and fake art is To some fake art is art that isn’t drawn or painted To others it’s art that doesn’t look like anything recognisable To some it’s art that isn’t skilfully made To others it’s any art that isn’t authentic To some it’s art that’s too conceptually focused To others it’s any art that isn’t political or serve a purpose To some fake art is any emotionally superficial art To others it’s navel-gazing art too obsessed with what art is and isn’t Maybe this ‘Fake Art’ piece you’re looking at is exactly the sort of art you’d define as ‘fake art’? Or maybe you have your own criteria? Don’t be silenced by your fear of what artists and art experts say is or isn’t real art. If you believe what you are encountering is fake art, say so with ‘Fake Art.’ Join the fight against fake art with ‘Fake Art’ – fight fire with fire. The fightback starts now Stick these Fake Art post-it notes on any fake art you encounter to help others toward understanding what fake art is. Together we can make art great again.
8-11 September 2017 | ‘[25] Pockets of […]’ exhibition at the 4th World Congress of Psychogeography, Huddersfield (group) 6 July to 7 August 2017 | ‘Fake Art’ YOUR ART IS A LOAD OF S**T’ at BINit!, Old Truman Brewery, East London 6-10th July (group) 23 July 2016 – 14 October 2016 | [25] Pockets of [Manchester]: part of ‘Loitering with Intent’ curated by the Loiterer’s Resistance Movement and displayed at the People’s History Museum (group) 27-31 October 2015 | [25] Pockets of [London]: EWAAC, East West Art Award Competition 2015, La Galleria, Pall Mall, London, finalist & exhibited (group) For more information on solo exhibits, see:

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