Lorraine Monk

Name   Loraine Monk
Email   Loraine.monk at btinternet.com
Website   LoraineMonkArtmatters.com
Instagram   LoraineMonk Instagram
Artist Statement   I recently have been exploring relief printing, seeing this practice as analogue, historical and political. All of the prints are hand cut and many printed on a hand turned book press. Influenced by Walter Benjamin and John Berger, I am interested in the archaeology of digging deeper into power relations, and representations of this in art. This approach requires both artist and the viewer to ‘dig’ into the image. I am interested in looking at occluded histories of disadvantaged groups. Recent images I made as a result of getting caught up in a Gilet Jaune riot in Paris in December. Unlike most previous demonstrations I have witnessed or participated the demonstrators had no banners and made no chants. They stood in anger, waiting for the police to charge.
Artist Bio   Originally painting using acrylics and oils focusing on a figurative and visceral painting method, I am now reaching into new mediums, while continuing an exploration of politics and representation through art. My working-class background, has been at the root of my politics, academic research and artist practice. This combines with an intersectional feminist approach. Ten months ago I began expanding my practice to printing, taking inspiration from 20th Century German Expressionist Woodcuts.

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